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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Once you’ve signed up for the campaign, you can get on with the main business of playing games. Games can be Bolt Action, Tank War, Cruel Seas and/or Blood Red Skies; the forces used and size are up to you and your opponent. All that is required is that one of you fights for the Allies and one fights for Axis forces. Obviously we’d like to see as much D-Day themed forces and battles as possible, but ultimately you can play any way you want. We’ve included some scenarios on this site to get you thinking in the right direction, but you are not limited to these.

Report a Battle FormOnce you’ve played your game, one of the participants should report the result using the Report a Battle button on the homepage of this site. You will need to report the following minimum information:

  • Your opponent’s Username.
  • The Game you were playing – remember Tank War is listed separately to standard Bolt Action games.
  • The Result; either an Axis Win, and Allied Win or a Draw.

The can also provide a Battle Report of the game and a Picture of the conflict. These are optional, but could lead to worldwide recognition of you and your exploits.

Finally, if you played your game in a participating games store, please take the time to find it in the Location list. This will help your local store gain recognition in our Busiest Battlefields list.

Once you’ve finished adding the details of your battle, click the Submit Result button.

The Report a Battle form will be live soon, but you don’t need to wait to start your games. The campaign begins!

May 29th, 2019

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