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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Brigadier Jon Watson, leading The Hounds

fought an armoured engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Captain Hagen Richards, leading Kampfgruppe Reichardt

Result: Allied victory!

A squadron of Churchill tanks stumbled into the path of a German armored column. Despite losing their forward observers in the opening seconds of the unexpected engagement, a Churchill immobilized the first Panther, rattling the tank so badly its turret jammed. The remaining German tanks and infantry attempted to advance, but were hampered by the accurate blasts of the lone Churchill AVRE, which kept the Tiger pinned the entire game as its monstrous shells rattled the crew about inside their iron beast. German infantry attempted to assault the third Churchill, but were ineffectual and fell to point blank machine gun fire. The second Panther suffered a catastrophic hit to the fuel tank, and the crew bailed out as the vehicle became a raging inferno.
With their tanks either disabled or abandoned, the remaining German infantry retreated from combat, leaving two Panthers and a Tiger on the field with nothing to show for the unlucky day other than three fallen British observers.

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