Report a Battle

Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Sergeant Michael Axten, leading Red Death

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Captain Marc Titley, leading Brandenburgers

Result: Allied victory!

Red Death versus Brandenburgers in a fierce infantry engagement

Following the receipt of intelligence that a high ranking German officer was visiting the front lines a plan was hastily put together to snatch the unsuspecting Teutonic warrior. Initially the plan started well with an initial preliminary bombardment causing the old enemy to go to ground. The target officer was then rushed into a central building for his own protection. Captain Rodchenko awaited the arrival of his T34 but the Germanic Barbarians had not conquered most of Europe by accepting their fate. Their pinned troops soon responded launching a counter attack on the Mortar and Anti tank gun that were soon overwhelmed. Meanwhile his comrades pressed forward on the left flank as the second wave of reinforcements arrived to the rear of the German General’s refuge. With the building surrounded Captain Rodchenko felt a level of confidence as he pressed home his attack with a platoon of scouts now joking the T34 as they disposed of the troublesome Germanic Mortar. It was at this point the battle seemed to change the General and his Aide left the safety of the building engaging the scout platoon in a hail storm of bullets distributed from their assault rifles. This bold action would maybe result in a reprimand from Berlin but it soon had the desires outcome. With the scouts kept busy the Teutonic foot soldiers deployed a Panzershreck which soon scored a penetrating hit resulting in the T34 bursting into flames.Luckily the plucky crew put out the fire but remained pinned by the Anti Tank gun. Captain Rodchenko Soon ordered the platoon on the left flank to advance eliminating the Panzershreck but it was too late as the General made his escape. Even in these dying moments of the firefight there would be a dark moment for Rodchenko’s platoon.The German sniper who’s aim had been appalling finally shot their long serving medic. Was this against the Geneva convention ? Possibly but this was the Eastern Front !

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