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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Sergeant Michael Axten, leading Red Death

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Captain Marc Titley, leading Brandenburgers

Result: Draw

Red Death versus Brandenburgers in a fierce infantry engagement

Lieutenant Rodchenko was feeling confident that he would finally intercept the Hungarian forces that had so far evaded his troops. His confidence was not misplaced a contingent of scouts had observed the enemy advancing on the hamlet of Kvrosky. Time was of the essence and he despatched both a rifle and NKVD squad to advance upon the nearest buildings while the medium mortar deployed in the rear. Unfortunately the Hungarians quickly reacted sending forward their own Troops and a Mortar. It was the rifle squad that first felt the pain of the fascists artillery quickly decimating their ranks. On the left flank the stubborn NKVD troops occupied the building laying down some effective fire which halted the Magyar advance. Rodchenko knee that despite this success there were problems on the right flank and he was forced to call in his SMG squad to push back the advancing infantry. Before long the sustained advance combined with effective gunfire delivered success eliminating the advancing Hungarian squad. This was however at the cost of both the NKVD and Rifle squads and despite despatching another enemy squad to the afterlife the Soviet hero’s couldn’t breakthrough. There was but one further piece of drama to unfold as the Sonderkraftfahrzeug Half-track which had despatched the NKVD troops was apprehended by Rochenko’s SU152. Finally victory appeared to be within his grasp yet unbelievably the assault guns first shot failed to have any effect. The lumbering vehicle was now in the sights of the threatening flamethrower. The seconds ticked away as Roschenko felt the tide begin to turn. Yet miraculously the over confident Hungarians missed their target allowing the Assault gun to respond achieving a glancing shot. The Engagement had been drawn to a standstill and as darkness descended both sides began to withdraw ready to fight another day.

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