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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Lieutenant Terry Brown, leading Luftdwarfer

fought an aerial engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Lieutenant Richard Cunningham, leading 603 squadron

Result: Allied victory!

Luftdwarfer versus 603 squadron in an aerial engagement

***Attack on HMS Warspite Thwarted***

HMS Warspite came under attack from elements of the remaining Luftwaffe presence in Normandy recently. The ship, which was carrying out strategic bombardments on key Axis defensive positions was attacked by three FW190's. The Warspite's flak batteries, while not scoring any direct hits, did enough to ensure that the Luftwaffe's strafing runs were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile three other FW190's engaged an Allied combat air patrol with one of the German planes peeling off in a failed attempt to attack an RAF Spitfire which was on spotter duties for the Warspite.

One Allied plane was lost in the engagement although the pilot was later recovered from the waters and is understood to have declared himself ready to return to active service.

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