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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Sergeant Alexander Turnbull, leading La Nueve

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Private Phill Konstandaras, leading The Poor Bloody Infantry

Result: Allied victory!

La Nueve versus The Poor Bloody Infantry in a fierce infantry engagement

750 points surrounded with house rules (replace the deployment rules with randomised board edge for both players) Part of a large set of three games

Objectives, Allies must silence the guns (who’s artillery observers were deployed in another game)

Germans late war Regular Grenadier platoon with four squads MMG and mortar
Free French: An understrength US Airborne platoon (BRIGADE DE CHOC) re-enforced by local FFI.

Table, The central area was an artillery position, built around a central farm house, with bocage separating the central area form the fields on either side.

The Game: The FFI formed the first wave of the attack with one small squad moving directly to storm the farm yard (with little success), while the rest of the troops moved around the flanks, on the second turn the German Reinforcements arrived and smashed the Ffi’s Left Flank, only to have the two squads defending the farmyard collapse when they were assaulted by Paratroopers at the start of the third turn, At this point the Germans Conceded.

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