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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Colonel Dana Smiledge, leading Kampfgruppen smiledge

fought an armoured engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Captain Jonny Brann, leading Captain's Avengers

Result: Axis victory!

kampfgruppen smiledge versus Captain's Avengers in an armoured engagement

A mixed German armor force heading to the front is surprised by an American armored column who had somehow penetrated deep into the German rear area. The American gangsters may have had the element of surprise, but, did not help them much against the superior training and iron will of the fatherlands finest. Losing a Hanomag to the first shot and pinning down the squad of brave grenadiers who managed to bail out with no casualties the Germans quickly turned the tide. The Americans lost a Sherman so quickly the German gunners weren't even able to properly identify it. At the Hofbrau haus they would later claim it was a feared and dreaded Sherman Firefly. It all went downhill for the Americans very quickly after that. The highpoint for them was destroying a panzer IV the turn after it had been immobilized. They did some damage here and there but nothing significant. For the Germans it seemed like every turn was a highpoint. The battle ended with the Germans in complete control of a battlefield littered with burning American armor and strewn with dead and wounded allied soldiers.

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