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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Colonel Dana Smiledge, leading Kampfgruppen smiledge

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Captain Dana Smiledge, leading Blue Spaders

Result: Draw

This was a training game introducing a new player to bolt action. I am on a mission to convert every 40K player I can to the superior game of Bolt Action.
Full disclosure I am using my own allied profile for my opponent. Hopefully the site admins won't ban me for this. Technically it was a game of Bolt Action in a valid store between 2 valid Bolt Action armies, and it was a draw so...…
Anyway, after 2 turns of tactical maneuver, which a 40K player isn't really used to, we got down to action. Almost immediately he blasted a sqd of grenadiers and forced them to run away. A few pin markers were traded off and that was about it. On the next turn I got first draw and moved a halftrack up and scored 6 hits and 5 wounds on the sqd that had routed my grenadiers. Next pull was me again and another grenadier unit with 2 LMG's deleted the rest of that sqd. (he should have gone down but elected not to) revenge was had. Most of the rest of the game was trading pin markers with a few casualties here and there while securing table quarters. The game ended with a draw and he wants to play again this week. So, better than a win I think I just made a new Bolt Action Player.
If anyone actually monitors this let me know with maybe a warning before banning or suspending me if I broke some sort of rule with this one.

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