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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Brigadier Kevin Stronach, leading Kampfgruppe Markt Grun

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Simon Kennedy, leading "The Fighting First"

Result: Axis victory!

Fallschirmjäger of Kampfgruppe "Markt Grun" ambushed a section of 101st US Airborne as they moved into a small village in the Normandy countryside.

The silence of the the backwater settlement is broken by the CRACK! of a K98 round, then another! 2 US squads sprint forwards along the lane towards the village centre, but are then fired upon at close range by a Fallschirmjäger squad moving into a nearby yard. That squad was then very nearly wiped by a very lucky mortar round that killed 3 of them!

The third Airborne squad & command team moved up & the foremost US squad attempted to finish of the remains of the FJ Squad, but were valiantly defeated & destroyed by those last x2 FJ veterans!

Sniper shots from unidentified locations poured in on the US troops but caused no casualties, & despite taking fire from the Fallschirmjäger command team 1 US squad & the battered remains of another escaped the ambush through the village. The US command team dashed off the road to get away from the FJ MMG, only to have the officer shot by a Fallschirmjäger sniper from his hiding spot & left with a critical wound! The Fallschirmjäger command team then finished them off with MP40 fire from a nearby window.

The lone remaing US mortar team was then picked off, & despite having x9 US Airborne escape the Fallschirmjäger won victory having killed 14 US Airborne including their Officer.

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