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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Captain Bryan Talbot, leading Force Grubber

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Daniel Talbot, leading Hades Rangers

Result: Axis victory!

Force Grubber versus Hades Rangers in a fierce infantry engagement

A skirmish level game based on the new unofficial Skirmish rule set, based on German Fallschirmjager (FJ) troops against American Rangers. The scenario was centred on a destroyed Axis SdKfz 250/1 ausf D which had been hit by aircraft while crossing the bridge across a small river. Within the half-track was a leather pannier containing the latest Axis troop activation orders for the area.
The FJ troopers were ordered to be on the lookout for this half-track travelling through the area as it was overdue. On spotting the vehicle and checking the skies were clear of Allied aircraft, they were spotted by a US Ranger squad on recon patrol moving inland from the beach landing zones.
Initially both sides rushed towards the half-track using the available tactical cover of the stone walls besides the roads. The US Rangers with their advance move progressed first reaching the half-track as the FJ were at long range with their FG42 rifles. A short and bitter fire fight ensued with the Rangers taking the first casualties in the form of their NCO and two rangers. The FJ lost one jager as they were able to dominate due to the combined superior firepower of the FG42 assault rifles distributed within the squad compared to the US rifles.
During the next phase the remaining Rangers brought their BAR to bear but were hampered by the range and the cover the FJ troopers gained from the half-track and the bridge walls. The FJ concentrated their fire on the nearer few Rangers who were trying to close but using the cover available, this caused one more casualty and pin markers to the Ranger Officer.
By this time the FJ had the whole squad including the Lt at the half-track and were confident as the Rangers seemed to have no mortars or such to call upon as the FJ were in a small perimeter. The Rangers continued to use the BAR to harass with moderately effective suppressing fire causing another FJ casualty. Still having superior numbers and superior combined firepower the FJ decided to gain points by killing the Ranger Officer and one more Ranger. The last turn comprised of the FJ snatching the pannier and returning fire in the firefight while the Rangers were keen to try and score more Axis casualties but had very unlucky dice rolls.
The result was an Axis win in keeping the activation plans from falling into Allied hands.
The national core skills were used by agreement, together with the house rule of MGs only being able to fire half the possible total shots on turns which they complete an advance move.

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