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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Captain Bryan Talbot, leading Force Grubber

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Daniel Talbot, leading Hades Rangers

Result: Axis victory!

Force Grubber versus Hades Rangers in a fierce infantry engagement

Foxes and Rabbits
Having set the table up as close as possible the game commenced:-
The lead elements of the Das Reich Waffen SS Panzer Division, being the panzer grenadiers had taken over a village and patiently awaited the arrival of the armoured recon units. While keeping a keen eye once the snipers had deployed the lead elements of the US Paras arrived along the road way.
Turn one: the 1st SS sniper sent a ranging shot whistling over the heads of the Para 3rd squad with the BAR. This was followed instantly by the 2nd SS sniper doing exactly the same. As the US Paras looked about in shock the SS squad fired a sustained burst with the LMG – being at long range and managed to kill one Para but applied 3 pin markers. In response to the MG42 fire the Paras scattered with one squad going to the left, another going to the right and the one in the middle failing its activation test and so went to ground in the middle of the road... The Para mortar fired a wild indirect shot at one of the possible sniper locations but missed.
Turn two: the nearest 1st Sniper fired again but just missed one of the US Paras as they dived into the hedgerow beside the road. The 1st Para team rushed ahead towards the side of the nearest building to on their left of the roadway. The 2nd Para team proceeded in a similar route but on the right side of the roadway also accompanied by the Lt and assistant. The mortar fired another wild shot missing the possible sniper location. In response the 2nd SS sniper racked up another kill for the soldbuch lists to the BAR Para team. The SS squad applied further harassing fire to the BAR team lying prone in the roadway with another 3 pin markers. Again the Para BAR team failed to move.
Turn three: the 2nd Para team proceeded to rush headlong up the right side of the table closely followed by the officer and assistant. The 1st Para team realised the possible sniper location in the nearest building was a fake and continued onwards. The SS squad readied their weapons for an ambush. The 1st SS sniper again fired at the Para BAR team and missed. The other sniper also fired at the Para BAR team and killed another Para. Realising the lead Para team was heading for an unguarded area of the village the SS Officer left the relative safety of the building and raced across the road to intercept the rushing US Paras.
Turn four: the 1st Para team continued to rush ahead headlong into the readied ambush of the SS Squad – the 1 x LMG, 1 x SMG and 3 x K98 rifles made easy work of the exposed squad and killed all six members leaving none left alive. The 1st sniper hit and severely wounded the US Para Officer’s assistant – this slowed the Officer and meant he had to return to the starting point with his wounded man at half the pace of the arrival and meant he could not achieve the objective of the game. The SS 2nd sniper killed another of the Para BAR team also adding to the significant pin markers. The Para BAR team made its activation roll and tried to get into the soft cover at the side of the roadway. The Para mortar again fired at the possible sniper location and successfully hit such exposing it to also be a fake.
Turn five: the leading US Para squad managed to continue the headlong charge and proceeded off the table into the village. The SS Officer fired at the US Para Officer and killed him outright along with the previously wounded assistant. The SS squad moved forward out of the building to better engage the Para mortar team. The SS Officer did the same from the other side of the table, meanwhile both the SS Snipers each scored hits on the pinned Para BAR team causing them to surrender.
Turn six: the Para mortar team fired at the house containing the SS sniper, however unluckily the mortar round crashed through the roof, through the first floor and exploded on the ground floor harmlessly. In response the 1st SS sniper shot and killed one of the mortar team, the other sniper missed altogether. Both the SS Officer and the SS Squad proceeded to advance along each side of the roadway seeking the US Para mortar team.
Turn 7: the mortar team fired again and missed the building the sniper was located in; in return the sniper shot back at the mortar team and missed. The SS Squad advanced and were poised next turn to engage the mortar team. The SS Officer also moved up opposite the US Para mortar team. The 1st SS sniper fired again but missed the mortar team.
Turn eight: the 1st SS sniper fired a long range shot and luckily killed another member of the mortar team, the last mortar man decided to surrender and so removed the last US para element from the table.

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