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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Captain Bryan Talbot, leading Force Grubber

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Daniel Talbot, leading Hades Rangers

Result: Axis victory!

The Airborne Night Fight for Saint Côme-du-Mont.
Using the Battleground Europe campaign book and Scenario One for the Airborne Night Fight the two opposing forces of paratroopers engaged in a bitter struggle to control the small village of Saint Côme-du-Mont. Each side consisted of 1250 points with the US Airborne being limited to only infantry units, whilst the Fallschirmjagers for FJR6 were allowed one artillery piece.
The troop dispositions were:
Officer: O/Lt Hans von Grubber with a MP40 c/w one veteran FJ trooper with a K98k.
1st Squad: I/FJR6 = NCO (Feldwebel Otto Lanz) + 9 veteran FJ troopers with 2 x MG42s + 6 x FG42/Stg44s.
2nd Squad: II/FJR6 = NCO (Feldwebel Karl Pretzel) + 9 veteran FJ troopers with 2 x MG42s + 6 x FG42/Stg44s.
3rd Squad: III/FJR6 = NCO (Feldwebel Karl Pretzel) + 9 veteran FJ troopers with 2 x MG42s + 6 x FG42/Stg44s.
Artillery: FJ veteran Flakvierling 28 visible due to firing at US Paratrooper aircraft flying overhead. (+6” to visible range)
1st MMG: FJ veteran Lafayette mounted MG42 MMG
2nd MMG: 1058th Grenadier Div, regular Lafayette mounted MG42 MMG
Medic, veteran (O/Gfr Luther Mengel)
Sturmpionier Squad: 1058th Grenadier Div, veteran, NCO (Feldwebel Johan Ludwig) + 9 soldats, 1 x MG42, Flamethrower, Gr-39 grenade launcher, 5 x Stg44s.
101st Airborne Division
Officer: 1st Lt, veteran, carbine and pistol, c/w two veteran paras each with M1 carbines
1st Squad: NCO + 11 men, 1 x LMG, 3 x SMGs and 8 x rifles
2nd Squad: NCO + 11 men, 1 x LMG, 3 x SMGs and 8 x rifles
3rd Squad: NCO + 11 men, 1 x LMG, 3 x SMGs and 8 x rifles
4th Squad: NCO + 11 men, 1 x LMG, 3 x SMGs and 8 x rifles
MMG, veteran
HQ: Captain, veteran, pistol and M1 carbine, c/w 2 x veteran paras.

The village comprised of several buildings including a church (with tower), an Inn, one further two story house, two single story houses, a blacksmith forge and house and a large stables. In the middle of the village the Flakvierling 28 was positioned and had an additional 6” to spotting range as was firing at the overhead aircraft.
The remainder of Force Grubber was deployed as
Inn, upstairs (facing the Flak) was the Medic and O/Lt von Grubber, on the outward side was the Heer MMG. Downstairs was I/FJR6
Two story house: upstairs = FJ MMG, and downstairs = II/FJR6
North side single story house = III/FJR6
South side single story house = 1058th Div Sturmpioniers
The first turn was to see the FJ MMG and III/FJR6 to set to Ambush, followed by the US Airborne to deploy the 1st Lt and 2 paras directly north of III/FJR6, on advancing towards the single story house III/FJR6 completed a spotting roll and opened fire at point blank range causing 3 kills and eliminate the squad. The next item the US Airborne deployed was their 3rd Squad which attempted to run to end just behind the rear of the barn as total cover. The remainder of the German units set to Ambush awaiting the appearance of any more US Airborne units. The final US unit to deploy in the first wave was the MMG which advanced also towards the barn and set to ambush should any targets become visible.
The second turn was to see their 2nd Squad arrive first, again to the north, and advance on III/FJR6 and when completing their spotting roll open fire on III/FJR6 causing 5 pin markers and 2 casualties. In response the FJ MMG completed their spotting roll (having +12” from the 2nd Squad moving and firing) and caused 4 pin markers and 2 casualties. The US Airborne Captain and the 1st Squad failed their Orders Test and so did not arrive this turn. The 4th US Squad arrived north of the two story house containing the FJ MMG and the II/FJR6 squad activated their ambush and eliminated the 4th Squad with 7 kills and over 10 pin markers.
The third turn; the US Airborne 2nd Squad attempted to fire again at III/FJR6 but failed so hit the dirt. The III/FJR6 also went to ground to rally. The FJ MMG again fired at the US 2nd Squad causing another 2 casualties and 3 more pin markers. The US paras managed to deploy their 1st Squad to the east of the two story house and on advancing and firing hit II/FJR6 causing 2 casualties and 5 pin markers. On hearing the sound of their buddies being killed and wounded the US 3rd Squad hiding behind the barn decided to rush the Flakvierling 28 from 12” away. On spotting the on rushing squad the Heer MMG upstairs in the Inn gave them a burst with the MG42 causing 2 casualties and 4 pin markers, quickly followed by the Flak 28 firing all four barrels at them also to decimate their numbers and overload them with pin markers to make them disperse. Extremely frustratingly for the Allied player their MMG team was unable to spot the Flakvierling 28 from 15”away and lost its ambush marker and began to recount the rounds in each of the ammo tins.
Fourth turn; the 2nd US Squad again failed its Orders Test and so remained down. The FJ MMG adjusted its arc of fire and hosed the US 1st Squad causing 6 pin markers and 2 casualties. This was quickly followed by II/FJR6 hitting the ground to rally. While the III/FJR6 fired at the 2nd US squad and removed it from play due to the number of pin markers and casualties. The US Airborne Captain moved forward to help boost the morale of the 1st US Squad for next turn. The US MMG attempted to spot the Flak 28 again and succeeded, hit it with an accurate burst of fire and killed two of the gun crew thereby eliminating the unit.
Fifth round: the FJ MMG quickly opened fire on the US 1st Squad and with a combination of kills and pin markers removed it from play. The US Captain charged the 6” with a blood curdling yell and entered in melee combat with II/FJR6 – in the first round the brave Captain caused two casualties to II/FJR6, but in response the Fallschirmjagers killed the Captain’s batman and radio operator, in the second phase the Captain caused another FJ casualty, but finally succumbed to the weight of numbers in the FJ squad. The US MMG completed its spot test to see the III/FJR6 squad and opened fire missing all the remaining troopers but redecorating the single story house with an interesting poker dotted pattern. In response III/FJR6 replied with devastating bursts from both MG42s and eliminated the US MMG crew who was without cover.
After a few tense moments it was realised the assault on the little village of Saint Côme-du-Mont by the US Airborne had been repulsed with some moderate losses to two squads and the loss of the Flakvierling 28, but none of the 3 waypoints had been lost to the enemy invaders.

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