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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Captain Bryan Talbot, leading Force Grubber

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Daniel Talbot, leading Hades Rangers

Result: Axis victory!

Dog White Beach
Playing the BA scenario of Dog White Beach, with US Rangers vs German Heer troops...
The battlefield was set up as the scenario map; the Rangers spread their forces evenly across both landing craft. In difference the Axis forces were centred on the beach exit with both MMGs on the Western side of the set up area along with the German sniper. On the Eastern side of the German set up area the German inexperienced riflemen were stationed so as to provide harassing fire to any targets of opportunity.
The first and second turns were occupied by the Rangers more generally eastwards to avoid the German MMGs and the sniper. However the Rangers with an unlucky dice roll suffered Pte Caparzo as a casualty from the MMGs in the bunker emplacement.
The Ranger movement started to bunch up a little which led to the 2nd NPC squad venturing within range of the lead German MMG and cost them 2 casualties and 3 pin markers. At the same point Ranger Sniper Pte Jackson was killed with a long range head shot by the German sniper Gfr Johan Hochreitter, as he inadvertently ventured with range while moving eastwards, the Ranger medic was not close enough to be able to try and save the Ranger veteran.
The Rangers continued to head up the beach along the Eastern table edge while only receiving a couple of pin markers from the bunker MMGs due to good use of the available cover. Once at the barbed wire they were out with the bunker arcs of fire but still far away from the exit route. The German MMGs remained in ambush awaiting sight of any targets of opportunity.
As the Rangers cut through the barbed wire the German riflemen on the cliff used the opportunity to apply direct fire to the first Ranger charging through – this was Sgt Horvarth; he died leading his men... The German riflemen were amazed they actually hit anything. The first Ranger NPC squad move across the beach removing more of the barbed wire and were caught in the waiting MMG fire from the second gun and removed from play.
The second NPC Ranger squad and the Ranger team continued to move up to the cliff face, except for Ranger Pte Reiben who had a prolonged fire-fight with the German riflemen killing two and dispersing the rest.
The Ranger team tried to rush towards the exit and run straight into the hail of rounds from Hitler’s buzz-saws and danced the Spandau Ballet of death, and so ended Cpt Miller and Pte Mellish. Ranger Medic Wade rushed forward to help but Cpt Miller’s wounds were too many and to severe. Controversially the German sniper Gfr Hochreitter did not notice the medic’s armband and added another headshot to his tally.
Having won the fire-fight with the German riflemen Ranger Pte Reiben also made a dash for the exit and also learnt to dance the macabre Spandau Ballet.
By not placing the German MMGs in to the bunker and taking the slight risk due to decreased cover the limitation of the bunker firing arcs was eliminated, and allowed the German forces to dominate the only exit from the beach. The German forces used the post battle time to finish the cognac in their water bottles and prepare for the next wave of Rangers to arrive...

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