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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Captain Bryan Talbot, leading Force Grubber

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Daniel Talbot, leading Hades Rangers

Result: Axis victory!

Force Grubber versus Hades Rangers in a fierce infantry engagement

Screaming Eagles Battle Report
The scene had been set in the Warlord Games Bolt Action scenario, with the US Paratroopers taking the first turn in trying to regroup. The US Para 2nd Lt landed on the Western edge of the table, with the Pathfinder and 1st Squad taking the centre of the table and the 2nd Squad taking the Eastern side. The landing phase resulted in two hard landings for the Pathfinders and the 2nd Squad which was to hamper them for the game.
The first turn saw the 2nd Lt and his attendant regroup successfully. The 1st Squad had one trooper suffer a hard landing but easily regrouped around that individual. The Pathfinder squad suffered two individuals with hard landings, although managing to regroup the squad had a combined total of 7 pin markers. The 2nd squad also suffered two individuals with hard landings giving a combined total of 6 pin markers – overall sub-optimal jump landing.
The second and third turns allowed the 1st Ostruppen squad to enter the hunt, who arrived as close as possible to the US Paratrooper Officer and with some very lucky dice rolling made short work of the Officer and his attendant to mark the first kills of the game. The German O/Lt and his attendant moved to cover part of the exit of any paratroopers from the table. The arrival of the 2nd Ostruppen and the Reg Grenadier squad pressured the Allied player to attempt to move north – both the Pathfinder and the 2nd US Para squad failed the Orders Test and so went down. The 1st US Para squad moved north under harassing fire from the 1st Ostgruppen squad adding two pin markers.
The fourth and fifth rounds were notable for the 1st US Para squad heading north straight into the arriving Veteran Grenadier Squad – the resultant fire-fight killed 3 of the US paras and caused the rest to surrender due to the excessive number of pin markers. The 1st Ostruppen squad advanced to towards the downed US Para Pathfinders, fired and missed. The 2nd Ostruppen squad also advanced and fired but at the US 2nd Para squad killing one Para and causing 2 more pin markers (total of 8). The Reg Grenadier squad run towards the Pathfinder squad hoping to close for close combat next turn, the Pathfinder squad tried to open fire at the Grenadiers but failed the Orders Test and so stayed in position.
The last turn was devastating for the US Para; the Pathfinder Squad again failed an Orders Test and was hit by fire from the 1st Ostruppen squad adding another pin marker (total of 8) and were completely overrun by the Reg Grenadier Squad in close combat which caused another 3 to be killed and the remainder to surrender. The 2nd Ostruppen squad fired at the remaining US Para squad causing two more pin markers which removed them from play due to surrendering.
Overall none of the US Paratroopers made it off the table, with the graveyard and the POW camp the destination for all the months of hard work at Currahee... The ad-hoc Axis squads spent the evening sampling the pleasures of US chocolate and bubble gum together with Lucky Strike cigarettes.
Conclusion; the initial unlucky dice rolls resulting in hard landings for a number of Paras was to hamper the squads for the game and be the deciding element in the Axis win.

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