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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Captain Bryan Talbot, leading Force Grubber

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Ethan Talbot, leading 52nd Highland Div

Result: Draw

Force Grubber versus 52nd Highland Div in a fierce infantry engagement

Christmas Hardtack,
Playing the set scenario it was to be anything but a Silent Night for the sleepy German troops in Wassenaar...
Nobody likes getting their feet wet and neither to the Commandoes thought the Commando Officer as his troops made their way to the edge of the beach in the gentle wash of the surf. 2nd Lt Smithe-Leggit deployed his SMG squad to the lead as they headed in-land, leaving the Vickers squad in the surf to cover the exit.
Meanwhile on the edge of Wassenaar two green German squads made their way from the Western and Eastern edges towards the way points in the centre blissfully unaware of the approaching Commandoes instead wondering if any of the feldpost contained anything nice to eat..
The Commando SMG squad on reach half way up the beach opened fire with silenced weapons against the Eastern Grenadier squad and caused two casualties and 4 pins. 2nd Lt Smithe-Leggit and his batman on nearing the SMG squad also opened fire with the De Lisle Carbines causing another casualty and one more pin marker (total = 5). The Eastern Grenadier Squad acted like any green troops would do and froze with the remainder surviving members looking about like startled meerkats. When activated they hit the dirt trying to appear smaller than the nearest shrub. While the Western Grenadier squad, completely unaware casually strolled towards the central waypoint wonder if the fire in the billets had been ignited yet.
Seeing the Eastern squad freeze the Commando SMG squad rushed forward into melee combat easily covering the ground and casually overrun the Eastern Grenadier squad capturing the lone survivor.
The Commando SMG squad headed back down the beach, all the while dragging the prisoner, with the retreat being covered by 2nd Lt Smithe-Leggit & Co. Meanwhile the Western Grenadier squad sensing something was not right, made an orders test and proceeded beyond the waypoint and spotted the Commando Officer & Co and opened fire thereby raising the alarm...
To the sound of the claxon the Commando SMG squad was beaten to the initiative and were hosed down by the Western Grenadier squad, by rolling 4 x 6s on 5 dice to kill four of their number while very, very narrowly missing the prisoner. With the game now afoot the 2nd Lt Smithe-Leggit fired at the Western squad killing two of the riflemen and causing two pin markers. The Vickers Commando squad advanced up the beach and opened fire at the Western squad also; killing the other two rifle men and caused them to cower for the remainder of the action.
The arrival of German reinforcement at the rush caused alarm to the Commando forces – 2nd Lt Smithe-Leggit took over the prisoner and rushed him off the beach as the forces run forwards. The German mortar fired wildly overhead landing into the surf causing a water plume, the MMG team was still rushing forward at this point.
The Vickers Commando team also rushed off the beach leaving the last member of the SMG team (with 4 pin markers), he failed his Orders Test and decided to build a sand castle to hide behind. The first German Grenadier team with the ARs decided the Commando was not subject to the OKW directive of no prisoners of Commando forces and opened fire on the remaining Commando and bravely missed with every shot. The second German Grenadier AR squad decided to storm the remaining Commando and paid for this with one of their riflemen being killed by return SMG fire as they neared. This fire caused them to lose their footing in the rough sand and finish short of the target. The Commando bolstered with a strong survival instinct passed the Orders Test and followed his buddies into the surf off the beach.
The final points tally was 3 points to the Allied Commandoes and 4 points to the Germans due to the really lucky dice rolls from the MG42 of the Western Grenadier squad. As less than 2 points difference it was classed as a draw. The most fortunate was the German prisoner as for him the “War was over...” to be spent in a POW camp in Scotland.

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