Report a Battle

Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Private Patrick McIntyre, leading DamnYankees

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Private Michael McGee, leading Igo's wraiths

Result: Allied victory!

A regular American Second Lieutenant with two attendants commanding a ten man veteran squad found themselves in the runs of a small town. Across the street a regular German anti tank rifle was set up in the window of a ruined hamlet. Beneath them a ten man regular squad with a light machine gun guarded the road. A regular Second Lieutenant was flanking around the edge of the ruins with two of the squad members. Initially bullets started flying and ricocheted off the rubble, as the firing stopped a few Americans advanced on the left flank trying to grab cover as they went forward. The German NCO with the two squad members pushed the flank up the side alley. The next round the American NCO with two men ran across the street and asked one of the German soldiers. They moved to consolidate but the NCO decided to guard a door to try to prevent the enemy from rising in. He fought three Germans single handedly and killed the enemy Lieutenant and was mortally wounded. One of the men was attacked by a German LMG but the shots all missed him at super short range.Germans began assaulting the men and the veteran Americans stood their ground killing several who charged into them. Meanwhile the American Lieutenant with his two attendants advanced into some cover behind the ruins. They pinned two of the enemy soldiers, and the third SMG was too far out of range to hit the anti rifle team. Americans began running towards the road closing the gap and positioning to flank the Germans cowering behind the ruins. The Germans turned their guns to the men in the open and allowed the closer American squads to assault one they had fired. When the dust settles on turn three only a single German from the anti tank remained, the Americans had lost six veteran soldiers including its NCO. Turn for the German anti tank rifle team opens the round killing a seventh veteran forcing the Americans to make a moral check. They easily pass the test and a veteran ran up and assaulted the lone anti tank rifleman. The city, although in complete ruins was now secured from the German Army.

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