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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Sergeant Scott Mellon, leading DAK

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Roy Landis, leading 9/101 Avn Regt

Result: Allied victory!

500 pt Double Envelopment

We both threw a quick force together to play a regular game after the scenario game.

I had a tough choice, deploy the pack and know it would not make it to score, hoping it would kill or slow down more than it's own value, or deploy it attached to the halftrack and run for the enemy side.

I chose to deploy it ready to fire, and never hit anything with it. The one shot I got off, was cancelled by the pesky recce rule.

American rangers were accross the board so fast, I spent the entire game wiping them out with all my fire, but of course the rest of the Americans came accross in that time.

Final score 5-2 I think

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