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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Captain Dana Smiledge, leading Blue Spaders

fought an armoured engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Colonel Dana Smiledge, leading Kampfgruppen smiledge

Result: Axis victory!

Blue Spaders versus kampfgruppen smiledge in an armoured engagement

Full disclosure, this was someone using my allied profile to fight me and my axis profile. My opponent has a early war polish army so had no force that he deemed D-day worthy so he used borrowed tanks from me and another allied player.
Luck and skill prevailed for the axis this day. My only loss was a panzer III and a few guys from 2 grenadier squads and a ill placed panzer schrek team. The poor panzer schrek team was disintegrated by a Sherman 76 main gun round after they rolled a 1 from point blank range at the Sherman 76. Said Sherman went up in a ball of fire the next turn from my panther. Not only did the Germans hold their ground they pushed the Americans out of the town they were holding and ran half the survivors off the battlefield entirely.

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