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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Allies Forces:

Lieutenant Aaron Leslie, leading Aaron's Heros

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Axis Forces:

Lieutenant Michael Kennedy, leading Skulls and Bones

Result: Draw

Aaron's Heros versus Skulls and Bones in a fierce infantry engagement

American forward elements approached a village with the view of capturing it. It was defended by veteran Germans. The Americans attacked with a Chaffee giving supporting fire at the Germans hiding in buildings and late in the battle the USAF turned up. At the other end of the village the Germans p iv advanced firstly gunning down Americans caught out in the open and then blasting them in buildings. After surviving an air strike, it eventually engaged the Chaffee, but with no result as both tanks missed each other. In the last turn the Americans managed to get a unit to the objective and contest it with the German sniper

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