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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Sergeant Nick Quin, leading 3rd Platoon

fought a fierce infantry engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Sergeant David Guest, leading USA

Result: Axis victory!

The Gap

We finally got round to playing one of the scenarios for DDAY!

The British (We played using US models) set up in the deployment area and sat tight as the might of the Wehrmacht decended on their position.

The two panzeschrek teams managed to work their way up towards the two tanks hull down behind the bocage without suffering too many pins, even though the britih focused their fire on the poor AT teams.

The starting grenadier squad was not so lucky and through some amazing rolling lost most of their number and fled the field by turn 2.

Teh british reinforcements took their time to come onto the board whilst the Germans equipped with actual maps had more success.
The AT teams managed to get into position to styart firing on the tanks, again seemingly impervious to the opposing infantries fire.

The first cromwell went up in smoke in turn four with a lucky strike and the reinforements started pushing the starting British infantry off the bridge in the same turn. Securing a good defensive position before the bulk of the British reinforcements arrived meant the British struggled to get the Germans off the bridge.

The game ended 6 points to 4 to the Germans, with the game finishing on turn 6.

Unfortunately being the numpty i am i forgot to take any photos!

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