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Relax soldier, Paris has fallen. You deserve a rest!

Axis Forces:

Sergeant Janek, leading 21th Panzer Division

fought an armoured engagement against...

Allies Forces:

Private Kamil, leading US

Result: Allied victory!

21st Panzer Division was ordered a counterattack on Normandy. The order was to make a strong breakthrough and push the Allies back to the see.
The game was 2v2 on 1200pts per Player.
Germans had: Sdkfz 223 Command Vehicle, Tiger 1 and two Panther tanks.
On Axis side was a suprising ally - Soviets: Two T34/85, two M3 Stuarts from LendLease, Katyusha, Su76, T34/76 and Ba-10.
The Allies had British: Churchill AVRE, Achilles, Cromwell, Sherman and Staghound.
US forces: Pershing, Chaffee, Calliope Sherman, Sherman Easy Eight, Hellcat.
The battle was fought over one objective in the middle of the table - the german artillery had to be secured.
The first turn was long as the forces had to think about positioning against the enemy. The first accurate shot was taken by Tiger that managed to Immobilize AVRE out of his shooting range and also locked the turret.
After a small victory came the second turn that was better for the allies. They managed to destroy the Katyusha that just arrived on the battlefield. Cromwell managed to destroy T34/85 with one shot. On the other side Panther hit the Pershing but only stunning the crew.
The third turn was hard for the Axis side. But they managed to get another penetration on Pershing immobilizing him this time.
While the right Axis flank was pushed by Quick and small M3 Stuarts supported by Panther, their left flank was pushed by the Allies Cromwell and Sherman supported by Achilles.
The fourth turn was successful for both sides: allies shot down the T34/76 and the Ba-10 running to the battlefield, while the Tiger eliminated Achilles. Therefore the domination on flanks was lowered and the situation became quite balanced.
In the fifth turn both sides started focusing on the scenario objective - capturing the point. While axis managed to destroy a Sherman on the left flank, they also went on a run with Recce M3 Stuart to capture the objective. But it was not fast enough to get there in this turn. Allies also moved their fast vehicle - Staghound and managed to destroy the M3 Stuart. The Hellcat managed to eliminate the Panther covering the right flank therefore destroying the domination the Axis had on this flank. The situation looked far better for the Allies - they had stronger both flanks and the Staghound close to the objective.
The sixth turn started with Staghound capturing the objective - he only needed to survive the game there! But T34/85 shot down the Staghound making it harder to win for the Allies.
In the turn seven Su76 was destroyed by the Allies. The Axis tried a Hail Merry by running Sdkfz223 in direction of the Objective. But waiting there for repairs was Pershing that got to shoot and destroyed the armored car riding in full speed.

The resolution was a minor Victory by the Allies - they didn't capture the objective but destroyed more tanks then the Axis (8-4 if I remember correctly).

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